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Ryan Katsu Rivera

Ryan Katsu Rivera is the co-host of the popular podcast Get Off My Lawn. Rivera is currently working as the producer of the podcast, while also chiming in sometimes with funny remarks that most of the times bomb, but sometimes is sort of funny-ish. His trademark brand NopeYup combined with his fresh out of bed look is a distinct feature of Ryan. He does graphical designs as well as produce podcasts & creates short films. He’s also a comedian, and we’ve got some very funny material of his later in this article.

Net Worth: -$11,000

Age: 27 years old

Location: New York City

Yes, you’ve read that right. Like many of his peers, Ryan is currently in debt. He’s a college dropout and has amassed a debt of 11,000 dollars. However, you’d think that someone who’s up to his knees in debt would do everything in his power to pay off the debt. This is not the case with Rivera. He’s admitted on the GOML podcast that he takes Ubers every day, eats out at fast-food chains & restaurants, and regularly buys baseball hats. His mentor and co-worker Gavin has told him numerous times he should cut his credit cards and live on cash to get a good idea of his spending habits, and how it is affecting him in a negative way. It would also be very wise to cut out the Ubers and use the subway or walk to work.


Katsu Rivera is an aspiring comedian who regularly does open mics. In fact, he’s pretty good at it. Below we’ve found a stunning performance where Ryan captures the audience and does one of his best sets yet. Don’t be surprised if you can’t breathe from the laughter, it’s just one of the funniest comedy sketches we’ve ever seen.

Want to check out more about Ryan? Follow him on Instagram and Twitter, and support him on his Patreon. You can also find him on YouTube, and of course daily on the GOML podcast/show.

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