Peter Orszag Net Worth

Peter Orszag is an American businessman, Investor, and Economist. He has a commerce background and used innovative tricks to gain more wealth than anyone of his competitors and rose to the top of the food chain as a result of doing so. He’s also very popular as a consultant and adviser. Nowadays he’s Vice-Chairman of investment bank Lazard, and today we’re going to look at Peter Orszag’s net worth.

Net Worth: $20 Million

As you can see, his net worth of $20 million is nothing to sneeze at. As an investment banker, he’s used the principle of compound interest to make him and his clients money. The intelligent economist has built a trustworthy reputation in the span of his career and is a much sought after individual when it comes to seeking advice. He’s given advice to the President of the United States, and he’s also been linked with a lot of senators. This led to him starting his own consultancy agency, where he solves complex problems for high net worth individuals, and important political figures.

Peter Orszag’s personal life

Peter was born to 2 academical parents who both had a very high intelligence. The fact that he comes from an educated background has played a major part in his success. His parents knew how important education was, and thanks to them Peter could fully realize his potential. It led him to fully develop his extraordinary talent for banking and economics through hard work and study. His hard work at college helped him earn a Marshall Scholar Honor, and he was also accepted in the highly exclusive and oldest academic honor society Phi Beta Kappa. He graduated in Economics at Princeton University and went on to pursue a Masters degree in Science, and a Doctorate in Economics at the London School of Economics.


After his college years, Peter Orszag started out as a Professor of Economics at the University of California. Teaching is something he loves to do, and this job fully fulfilled his wish to spread knowledge, and also gain it in his spare time. After his teaching gig, he went on to direct the Hamilton Project at Brooklyn Institute, where he also served as a deputy director of Economics.

He started to build a great reputation and was later asked as a special assistant to the President of the United States of America for their Economic policy in the year 1997 till 1998. After doing a splendid job he was asked to serve as a senior adviser and economist at the Council of Economic Advisers.

He also contributes to online platforms like the New York Times and writes a column for Bloomberg. He’s also been asked to sit on the board of directors by various organizations and has happily accepted those positions. His consultancy company Sebago Associates LCC remains as one of the most successful consultancies in the world.

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