Jerry Seinfeld Net Worth

Jerry Seinfeld is probably the worlds most famous comedian although it’s hard to prove. What isn’t hard to prove is the fact that Jerry Seinfeld is the World’s richest comedian. With a staggering Net Worth of $950 million, he has amassed more wealth than any of his comedian peers. He’s a part of pop culture, through his dry humor and the creation of legendary characters like Cosmo Kramer and George Costanza. His show has been embedded in the fabric of the USA, and almost any American has watched or heard about the show.  On this page, we take a look at Jerry Seinfeld’s net worth, how he earned it, and his accomplishments in life. Spoiler alert: he’s accomplished a lot!

Net Worth: $950 Million

The origin of this great net worth comes from his blockbuster sitcom Seinfeld. The show ran from 1989 till 1998 for a total of 9 seasons. In total, the show has 180 episodes, with the latter seasons containing more episodes than the first. In fact, the first season of the show only counted 6 episodes. This was done intentionally because Larry David didn’t have any more episodes in him. He’s recalled many times how those early days were very stressful as he couldn’t come up with subjects for the episodes. After a few seasons, he got a good workflow going on, and could churn out episode ideas like it was nothing.

The first season almost didn’t exist, as Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld had a lot of trouble selling the concept of the show. They went to meetings with several network TV executives who watched the pilot but turned them down. After many rejections NBC decided they would take a chance on “the show about nothing”, and it paid off big-time for them. The show has been watched by millions of people all around the world and has aired in almost every country on the globe.

The show features 4 notable characters: Jerry Seinfeld (playing himself), Elaine Bennes, George Costanza, and Cosmo Kramer. Together they get into the weirdest situations that are both recognizable and funny. It has spawned popular catchphrases like “yada-yada-yada” and “low-talker” into pop culture, and it features a few classic episodes that have gathered a specific following just on the content of that episode. This phenomenon is seen only by the most popular shows like “The Office” has a specific fanbase of the “Scott’s Tots” episode.


This success of the show made Jerry Seinfeld very rich, which is also the reason his net worth is so high. He didn’t earn it through doing stand-up comedy shows at the Comedy Club, as you’ve probably guessed by now. He has made an estimated $500 Million from the show itself by selling the license to air it on NBC and through various merchandise and DVD/Blu-Ray/Video Tape sales. On top of that, he earns about $40 million a year on re-runs of the show. This perpetual income is the highest and can only be earned by big, popular syndicated sitcoms. Since the show has been taken off the air, it has gained $12 Billion in re-run and syndication revenue. Another show that comes close to these numbers would be The Simpsons.

Car Collection

Jerry Seinfeld is an avid car collector, and even has his own show called “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”. It is a show exclusively released on Netflix and is a series of interviews with comedians or other notable guests (Barack Obama comes to mind) about life and other everyday subjects. He has a car collection that is well in excess of $200 million of value and with his huge net worth, who can blame him? Jerry is a big fan of the car brand Porsche and has been spotted in many classics of the German brand. Below you’ll see a video of Jerry Seinfeld in his 1959 Porsche 718 RSK.

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