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Dana White Net Worth

Dana White net worth

Dana White is the UFC big boss that you see all weekend when a big PPV event is held by the UFC. He grew up in Boston and as a little kid he became friends with his highschool buddies Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta. Together they would go on to build and expand the UFC to a $4 billion dollar organization. Oh, and he also just renewed his contract for another 7 years at the company.

Net worth: $500 Million

He began his career as a manager for Chuck Lidell and Tito Ortiz, 2 MMA fighters. Through them he learned the ins and outs of the business, and when he and his partners bought the UFC in the early 2000’s he had to stop managing them because of conflicts of interest. He still keeps a warm relationship with the both of them though and they even got offered jobs in the UFC after their competitive career was over.

UFC Presidency

When White and the Fertitta brothers took over the company, White was placed in the President’s seat, and in charge of all day to day operations of the company. This meant planning events, signing new talent and the marketing/promotion aspect of the company. Over the years he has attracted personnel that run these parts of the company so he can focus more on the core aspects of the business. Dana White is also responsible for hiring Joe Rogan as the UFC’s color commentator.

With White at the helm of the company, it grew to the biggest combat sports organization in the world, and it dominated the MMA scene. In 2016 the company was sold for $4.3 billion dollars to talent agency WME-IMG. White held a 10% stake in the company which he sold at that moment for $430 million dollars, which gave him his big break in terms of his net worth. Along with his other salary and stock options his total net worth is estimated at $500 million dollars.

Other sports

Dana is also a lifelong Boston Red Socks fan, which isn’t surprising if you remember that he spent almost his whole youth in Boston. To pay his bills he set up a boxing program in his city for underprivileged children, and he also became an aerobics instructor. He left Boston in 1992 to start his own company in Las Vegas: Dana White Enterprises. This would become his management company that he ran before he became involved in the UFC.

Dana White is also a Notorious Blackjack player. There are videos out there showing him gambling all throughout the night, taking home several hundred thousand dollars. He’s even banned in a couple of Casinos in Las Vegas because he made too much at the playing tables. This led him to Boycott these casinos from hosting UFC events with them. Check out the video below.

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