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Chael Sonnen Net Worth

Chael Sonnen net worth

Chael Patrick Sonnen is a retired MMA fighter, podcaster, ESPN show host and Real estate agent. His nickname is “The American Gangster”, and he grew up in the “mean streets” of West-Linn, Oregon. He started wrestling in Highschool and continued to do this in his College years. According to him he was on a strict training regime and even in his College days he’s never had a single drop of alcohol. This training regime paid out though, as he made it into the biggest combat sports organization in the world, and even fought for the UFC title against Anderson Silva.

Net worth: $10 Million

His net worth is currently estimated at $10 million dollars which he has made during his career as a martial artist. He’s fought in the UFC for years, and his unique way of promoting his events through trash talking made him very rich. In fact, he’s the single biggest trash talker in the UFC after Conor McGregor. After getting busted for Steroid abuse in the UFC he briefly ended his professional career as an athlete. In 2017 he signed a new contract with Bellator MMA.

Besides his Professional sports career, he also co-hosts a show on ESPN with Ariel Helwani where they discuss the latest MMA news and rumors. It’s accessed through ESPN’s online service and it also can be found on YouTube. Chael Sonnen also has his own podcast where he shares his thoughts on the current MMA landscape.


One of Sonnen’s hobbies is Storytelling, something he’s used throughout his career to promote his fights and to share his experiences with his listeners of his podcast. He has a gift to keep you interested in whatever his story is from beginning to end. You could literally listen to him reading the credits of a movie after it’s ended and you would still be thoroughly entertained. He’s also an avid fitness enthusiast and he works out at least once per day.


Sonnen has also written a book called “The Voice of Reason” in which he shares his own autobiography, views on the world and his views on the MMA world. It is a great little book to read when you’re on holiday on the beach and want to read something light and funny to occupy your mind.

Can’t get enough of Chael? Check out his podcast to hear more of his famous rants on all types of subjects. You can also watch ESPN to hear from him as an MMA analyst, or you can check him out in the cage in one of Bellator MMA’s upcoming events.


After fighting in the octagon for years for both the UFC and Bellator MMA as well as a slew of other amateur promotions, Chael Sonnen decided to leave his gloves in the octagon and retire on the evening of 14 June 2019. This makes Bellator 222 the last event he’ll be attending as a competitor. He will now fully focus on being a color commentator for the promotion, as well as his ESPN podcast with Ariel Helwani.

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