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Apple Inc. Net Worth

Apple Inc. is widely appreciated for two things; security and performance. They are designed specifically to run on Apple’s platform; which includes a variety of Mac OSs (operating systems). They are attractive, portable, secure, and innovative; and Apple continues to enchant Apple users worldwide with these powerful attributes. The company was started by the visionary Steve Jobs, and under his guidance and supervision, the company grew to be the largest one in the world. It briefly touched upon a net worth of $1 trillion, but since the stock price has dropped a bit it now sits at $907 billion. Want to know how the company got this far? Then read on!

You can use an Apple computer for all basic tasks, such as network servers and the processing of documents, where they are known to have the edge on storage. Apple computers can connect to devices that run on other platforms through the use of a simple software configuration. Even devices in airports allow Mac’s to connect to a secure wireless network.

Apple Inc. Net Worth: $907 Billion

The first Apple computers were released in 1976, and the users were unsure about this new product. They were sold in a computer club by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. As time went on, the releases escalated both in features and in product design. Consumers began to get more interested in what was going on with this new machine. 1983 marked the release of Lisa, which introduced the first user-friendly GUI environment. Macintosh and other advancements grew the name Apple in the technology industry.

Apple had its ups and downs in management and sales throughout its history. The strong, loyal members of the Apple team helped it pull through and make it back into the thriving technology market. Today, this company has more than just personal computers to offer. You will find the Apple logo on handheld devices such as the iPhone and the iPod, which you find somewhere in nearly every US home.


The Apple computers of today are using the MAC OSX, also known as Mojave, which is the latest operating system that was released by Apple. It is a convenient OS with a portable and secure feel that is conducive to the use of entertainment media and that enjoys enhanced security. It also features a long-awaited “night mode” that transforms the look of the operating system into a darker theme. It’s easier on the eyes, especially at night, hence the name.

iMac and MacBook Pro were released in 2006, and they were members of the select group of Apple products to first use the Intel Corporation’s Core Duo CPU. The Intel Corporation partnered with Apple for this project. In the latter days, the partnership proved to be a successful venture. Even today the company computers remain powered by Intel processors all throughout the product line.


The security and popularity of the Apple machine have encouraged many PC users to leave behind their Windows. The environment shift can be difficult for some because the entire interface is different. As the consumer cried out for help, Apple answered the call with Boot Camp. This is a software that is shipped with the v 10.5 of the Mac OS X operating system. This guides the ex-Windows users through the features of the Mac computer by keeping Windows interface. How? The software will allow the user to install their Windows 7 or 10 software onto the Intel Mac computer.

Apple Security

Today, Apple computers and devices are some of the most sought after in the world. They have left the other well-known computers in the dust. Though the price tag is higher than their competitors, they are known for their fine engineering and give their users more years of use for their money. This has been achieved through its high focus on product durability. When you buy a MacBook you know you are buying a quality product. Their unibody aluminum protects the laptop from damage, and the military-grade materials used for the chipsets inside the computer also hold up well through time. This means a laptop from Apple will last you 6-7 years easily when you take good care of it.

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