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Here you’ll find the net worth of all kinds of people. Celebrities, rappers, businessmen, athletes, pop stars and many others. If you want to know how rich someone is, look no further! We at Big Brand Boys are constantly updating the net worths of people around the world.

  • Dave Chappelle net worth
    Net Worth

    Dave Chappelle Net Worth

    Dave Chappelle is one of America’s most popular standup comedians who had his own show on TV called “The Chappelle Show”, where he showed weekly funny sketches of mostly stereotypical characters.…

  • Martin Shkreli Net worth
    Net Worth

    Martin Shkreli Net Worth

    Martin Shkreli is the world famous “pharma bro” who buys companies and then raises the price of their medicine. However, this is not exactly a bad thing. Read on to find…

  • Jerry Seinfeld net worth
    Net Worth

    Jerry Seinfeld Net Worth

    Jerry Seinfeld is probably the worlds most famous comedian although it’s hard to prove. What isn’t hard to prove is the fact that Jerry Seinfeld is the World’s richest comedian. With…

  • Net Worth

    Ray Dalio Net Worth

    Ray Dalio is an investor, writer, hedge fund manager, philanthropist, and self-help coach. Through his company Bridgewater Associates he has amassed a fortune in trading using High-Frequency Trading (HFT) on the…

  • Net Worth

    Apple Inc. Net Worth

    Apple Inc. is widely appreciated for two things; security and performance. They are designed specifically to run on Apple’s platform; which includes a variety of Mac OSs (operating systems). They are…

  • Frenkie de Jong net worth
    Net Worth

    Frenkie de Jong Net Worth

    Frenkie de Jong is a Dutch football player who is currently playing for Ajax Amsterdam in the Netherlands. After this summer he will make a record transfer to FC Barcelona for…

  • Kanye West net worth
    Net Worth

    Kanye West Net Worth

    Kanye Omari West is born in Atlanta on the 8th of June 1977. He’s born to Donda West and Ray West. When Kanye was 3 years old his parents divorced and…

  • Peter Orszag net worth
    Net Worth

    Peter Orszag Net Worth

    Peter Orszag is an American businessman, Investor, and Economist. He has a commerce background and used innovative tricks to gain more wealth than anyone of his competitors and rose to the…

  • Nick Diaz Net worth
    Net Worth

    Nick Diaz Net Worth

    Nick Diaz was born in Stockton California on August 2, 1983. He’s a Mixed Martial Artist (MMA) and he’s been a top draw for the UFC in the past few years.…

  • Drake net worth
    Net Worth

    Drake Net Worth

    Aubrey Drake Graham, also known as the rapper Drake, is a Canadian born actor, rapper, entertainer, music producer, and businessman. At the age of 32, the four-time Grammy award-winning recording artist…

  • Gigi Hadid Net Worth
    Net Worth

    Gigi Hadid Net Worth

    Jelena Noura (Gigi) Hadid celebrated her 24th birthday on Tuesday, April 23 — and the ceremony was so exclusive that the iconic American fashion model decided to impose a dress code.…

  • Dana White net worth
    Net Worth

    Dana White Net Worth

    Dana White is the UFC big boss that you see all weekend when a big PPV event is held by the UFC. He grew up in Boston and as a little…

  • Chael Sonnen net worth
    Net Worth

    Chael Sonnen Net Worth

    Chael Patrick Sonnen is a retired MMA fighter, podcaster, ESPN show host and Real estate agent. His nickname is “The American Gangster”, and he grew up in the “mean streets” of…

  • Joe Rogan net worth
    Net Worth

    Joe Rogan Net Worth

    Joe Rogan is a comedian, podcaster and tv presenter who is very popular amongst people from all ages worldwide. Joe became famous when he starred in the tv show “News Radio”.…