Moncler Hats for Men Spring/Summer 2017

Moncler, the French luxury brand, has released it’s new Spring/Summer 2017 collection, and this year’s collection contains a nice collection of hats that protect you from the sun in the warm weather you can expect in the summer. We’ve made a selection of the most popular Moncler hats for men from the SS17 collection. We also show you where you can buy these hats directly. We can assure you that each item on this list is straight fire! Let’s get to it.

Moncler hats summer 2017

On a hot summer day it is very refreshing to wear a hat in order to protect your face from the burning sun. Fashion brand Moncler has released some very stylish caps this year that are perfect for men looking to protect their face from the sun while still looking cool and having a style. These caps are made from the finest quality materials and will probably last you 10+ years if you take good care of the garments. The price of these hats is around $100 which is a very acceptable price for these luxury items.

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Moncler Classic Baseball Cap Green

Moncler green baseball capThis green baseball cap is one of the classics that Moncler releases each year. The khaki green color has made a big comeback in 2017 as you can see in the collection of the brand. The composition of the cap is: 100% cotton. This prevents sweating while wearing the cap and ensures a high quality. On the front of the hat you can see the famous Moncler logo.

Moncler striped cap

Moncler striped cap 2017

This striped cap from Moncler features a blue white red stripe detail across the front of the hat which also displays the front center logo that makes these hats iconic in the eyes of many fashion & luxury enthusiasts. The hat measures 54 centimeters with a brim of 7.5 centimeters. It’s made from 100% cotton which makes it easy to hand wash. One size fits all.

Logo plaque cap

logo plaque capWhile this hat is a bit more expensive than the other ones mentioned on this list, it’s still a great garment to have in your collection. It’s made from a high-quality wool that gives off a very edgy vibe when worn in the summer. Don’t be surprised if you get a lot of compliments on this hat from your friends because the quality of this garment is truly unique. Needless to say, you have to wash this cap with your hands. The measurements: 61 centimeters, brim: 7 centimeters. One size fits all.

Black Logo Classic

moncler classic cap blackThis cap is an ultimate classic in the collection of Moncler. It’s an all black cap with the famous white logo centered on the front. It displays a simplistic style while also portraying an image of luxury, quality and durability. Designed with a curved peak, an adjustable fit with tricolour striped detail and the front logo plaque.

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