Top-5 Luxury Credit Card Holders

Louis Vuitton card holder

The Credit card is a very important way to pay for all your luxury goods, fashion, toys, and other stuff that you use it for. With most card offering a nice rebate on all purchases, plus 90 days insurance on bought goods, it’s the ideal payment method for all shopping. Therefore, it’s important that your Credit Card has a nice holder that you can put it in, so it won’t get scratched and suffer damage. We have made a list of the most luxurious credit card holders from all kinds of designer brands around the world.

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In any event, below is an overview of our top-5 fanciest luxury credit card holders, we’ve tested all of them and give our opinion on each of them.

Burberry Card Holder

Burberry has its Gross-Grain Leather card holder, which has the space to carry up to 3 Creditcard’s at once. The leather comes in three colors, blue, red, and cream. The metal Burberry logo has been put on the front, to finish the stylish design. Whether you use this card holder for its usefulness, or just to make an impression, the Burberry Card Holder will help you with both! The price of this small leather accessory is $240.

Burberry card case

Hermés Creditcard Holder

French fashion house Hermés also has a small line of Creditcard holders in their collection. The Guernsey leather card holders are available in a variety of colors including black, red, and orange, along with some other colors. They have space for 3 CC’s, and the holder is unfold-able in 3 ways, as you can see on the pic. The price of this holder is a not too shabby $500.

Paul Smith CC Wallet

This Creditcard holder from Paul Smith can also hold 3 CC’s. The holder is designed with the multi-colored stripe pattern, which is iconic for the brand. It has a nice contrast with the brown leather, and the Paul Smith logo is engraved in the leather. You can buy this Cardholder for $200.

Gucci credit card holder

Gucci Card Case

The last one we are going to talk about today is the Card case created by the House of Gucci. The Card case is fully made out of leather, and comes in different colors, like blue, red, green, grey and black. On the lower right corner, we find the text “Made in Italy by Gucci”. The case can fit up to 3 CC’s, and has a price of $170. It also features the seasonal print the house has selected for its current season. As seen on the picture it was a snake, but when you visit their website you can choose from many other prints.

Louis Vuitton card holder

The LV holder is a staple for many people. Their high-quality leather wallets are long lasting and can last you a lifetime if you take good care of it. We at Big Brand Boys ourself use a cardholder from Louis Vuitton daily and have been doing so for a couple of years. It looks great, feels nice and sturdy and your cards are protected against all kinds of damage.

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