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Our lifestyle is important in this day and age. Read about self-improvement, success, and other ways to chase your dreams.

  • compound interest explained

    The Power of Compound Interest

    Compound interest: You hear it a lot, but what is it and how can you profit from it? Those questions get asked to us very regularly, and there are a lot…

  • Lifestyle

    Ronda Rousey Eyeing UFC Return Early Next Year

    MMA Superstar Ronda Rousey is eyeing an early next year return to the octagon. According to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight contender Travis Browne Rousey will return in the early months…

  • Los Angeles at night time-lapse

    3 Awesome Los Angeles Time-Lapse Videos

    Time-lapse photography is hot. The technique is used in movies, YouTube vlogs and documentaries. You can easily record them yourself on your iPhone, and other professional camera’s also have the option…

  • American Express Black Card

    The American Express Black Card

    Recently there has been a lot of buzz about a so-called Black Credit Card. Rappers & celebrities have been rapping about it, some users have been showing their cards off on…