These Old Conor McGregor Tweets Will Crack you Up!

conor mcgregor twitter

It’s always fun to check out the tweets of a celebrity before they became famous. Today we’ve gone through “The Notorious” Conor McGregor‘s twitter account to check out what the current Featherweight champion of the world was saying back in the day.

– Back in the day he wanted to be on the JRE show.

– ON Aldo, Mendes, Lamas, Cub, TKZ, Edgar, Siver, Poirier, Guida, Lentz, Koch

– On MMA Rules

– On Ambition

– MMA Rules Again

– On how to get girls…

– Mayweather vs Canelo

– On Pettis & Aldo

– On Mighty Mouse & Matt Hume

– Nick the Tooth shoutout.

– On Roy Nelson

– On JiuJitsu and “Energy Efficiency”

– On 145ers and 155ers

– Thoughts on Holly Holm

– Thoughts on Bisping

– Trying to bet on UFC 164

– Tweeting @PaddyPower – I can relate. Ha.

– Calling Dana “Boss”

– Chirping Chael before his 2nd failed drug test

– Giving a talk on bullying

– On “American Bums”

– Thoughts on Canada

– Old Article

– On Betting

– Trying to get a SnoopDogg follow.

– Trying to the UFC’s attention

– Asking for recipes

– Before he had his meals cooked.

– Showing Bisping and Chael love.

– More Chael

– Tweeting GSP

– Mystic Mac

– His Dog

– Dog again

– Mystic Mac

– Betting Ticket

– Betting Ticket

– Betting Ticket

– Saving a bird

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