How to get an AT&T Internship

AT&T Internship

Getting an internship at a prestigious company like AT&T can change your life. It will increase your network with valuable connections, it will improve your resumé and it will open up a world of job opportunities. Well, that sounds great, doesn’t it? So how exactly do you land an internship at AT&T? On this page, we’ll give you a bit of advice as to what you can do to become the next AT&T intern.

Why become an AT&T Intern?

AT&T is a company that has a market value of $203 Billion as of this moment. Their core business is, of course, Telecom, but it is slowly shifting to Content & Entertainment. With the Time Warner acquisition, AT&T gained entry into the world of entertainment. They acquired a catalogue of content and most importantly the HBO brand. This new acquisition shifts its prospects from running a telecom company in a saturated market, to innovation in a growing market. With the planned launch of HBOmax later this month, they’re poised to become a fierce Netflix competitor.

The company has been around for a long time and still strives to grow to this date. This means that an internship at AT&T is a great way to improve your professional skillset. You’ll things at AT&T that can’t be taught anywhere else in the world. These lessons you’ll gain over the course of your internship will provide value to you for the rest of your life. It’s basically the best start to your career, and highly recommended by business magnates like Peter Orszag.

Get an AT&T Internship

To get an AT&T internship you’ll have to find out what field you’ll be interning in. You can find a list of the current internships available at AT&T on this page. There are several internships available in various fields like Cybersecurity, Finance, Labs & Research, Leadership, Sales, and technology. Check which field you want to apply for, and instantly see the list of available programs. Most programs are 10-12 weeks long, in which you’ll learn as much as possible from the world’s industry leaders.

In the application process, you’ll need to write your motivation. Why should AT&T accept you into their internship program? What makes you stand out? What will you bring to the table? These are all questions that should be answered in your motivation. Remember: the more you stand out, the higher the chance you’ll get accepted. You’ll also need to supply your Curriculum Vitae, so the company can review your past experiences. You’ll also need to complete a series of tasks, that will be reviewed before you get your internship interview. The quality of your work is a big factor in hiring decisions, so put your best effort into these assignments.

Your future at AT&T

Once your in, a world of opportunity awaits you. Not only do you get an awesome starting salary as an intern, but you’ll also get a dedicated mentor who will guide you throughout your internship. You can see how big business is run from the inside. You’ll also be able to make your own contribution to a major Fortune 500 company. Do you make the next contribution that will improve HBOmax? Are you the genius that will make AT&T’s 5G network the absolute market leader in the future? Who knows.

Be sure to inform us how your internship at AT&T turned out! We’re very curious in your experience at the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions we’ve gotten from our readers, and we’ve decided to put them in a nice section below.

How much of a chance do I have to become an intern?

This is entirely up to you. It doesn’t matter which school you go to, or what country you’re from. If you’re a talented young professional, and you put your best effort forward, you have as much chance as the next guy.

If you want an example of how you can change the world as an intern at AT&T, take a look at the video below. Intern Nancy Dominguez invents a way to protect children and pets in hot cars.

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