3 Awesome Los Angeles Time-Lapse Videos

Los Angeles at night time-lapse

Time-lapse photography is hot. The technique is used in movies, YouTube vlogs and documentaries. You can easily record them yourself on your iPhone, and other professional camera’s also have the option to make a time-lapse video. This has resulted in some pretty awesome time-lapse videos that we couldn’t resist sharing with you. Today we feature a major city with 3 beautiful time lapses. They are recorded with a professional camera and photography gear and we definitely recommend you to watch the video in 1080p.

The time-lapse videos highlight some of the greatest spots in LA that light up in the dark. For some reason this really inspires us and we directly understand why all the creative artists move to a city like Los Angeles. Have you seen some dope time-lapse videos yourself? post them as a comment and we might feature them in a next post.

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