Nintendo NES Classic Edition Preorders Sell Out In Minutes

Gamers rejoice! The much anticipated Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Classic Edition has been made available for preorder via Amazon worldwide.

The NES Classic Edition had a meteoric appearance on the major retail site, which emptied their stock of the device within minutes.

sold out

The official launch date of the NES Classic Edition is November 11th, but big vendors such as Amazon have anticipated a high demand for the remake of their classic console and made it available via preorder. This enables gamers to get the console delivered to their house on the release date, and it allows Amazon to get a better estimate of the amount stock they need to buy.

A simple check of, a website that monitors important online retailers, demonstrates that the stocks of the NES Classic Edition are depleted at vendors: Amazon, Best Buy and Toys R Us.

The popularity of the device is not a shock, as the NES Classic Edition has been anticipated by gamers for over a month now since it was first announced. The NES Classic Edition will feature 30 classic NES games and will be available on November 11th for $59.99. If you want to be there for the next restock of the console, visit amazon by clicking here, and signup to the email alert on the right of the Amazon product page. For more pictures of the console see below. Click any of the pictures to view it in full size.


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