Louis Vuitton Apple Watch Band

Since the introduction of the Apple Watch, several companies have introduced custom bands for the smartwatch. While Apple offers a decent set of different bands to choose from, a truly unique band can only be bought when you buy it from a third party. Amazon has an awesome set of third-party Apple watch bands made from various materials and designs that you should check out. However, if you are truly looking for an exclusive Apple watch band you should go with the Louis Vuitton Watchband. Getting excited yet? There’s only one downside: you’ll have to source the leather yourself.

The reason for that is that Louis Vuitton doesn’t make the bands themselves, but they are created by a guy named TheStrapSmith. You send the leather to him, he sends you a custom made Louis Vuitton Apple Watch band back. The service is not that expensive, and if you have a spare piece of Louis sitting around, we highly recommend getting one. You’ll have something unique and give your old Louis Vuitton garment a second life. Adding the strap to your Apple Watch is very easy, as demonstrated in the video below.

Not only smartwatches are the target of luxury brands nowadays. The wireless earphones craze which has spiked up lately is now also joined by LV creating its own version of the Airpods.

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