How to Fix: iPhone Reboot Loop

fix iPhone reboot loop

When you are removing a jailbreak from your iPhone it sometimes gets stuck in a reboot loop. This means that your phone will start up with the famous Apple icon, and then it will keep rebooting, but it will never actually finish. A reboot loop can also occur when you are trying to erase all the data and settings directly from your iPhone. This bug has been in the iOS system for a long time, and some people don’t know how to fix this loop. We have good news for you, this problem can easily be solved.

If you have done some research on your own you might have come across the term “bricked”. Bricked means that your iPhone is completely broken in terms of the software, so it is practically a brick, as you can’t do anything with it. Most people think that the phone is bricked when if you attach it to your computer it won’t be recognized by iTunes. If your iPhone is in a reboot loop it is not bricked, so that’s some lucky news for you.

iPhone reboot loop

To solve a reboot loop there are a few steps you need to do, we will outline them all in a way that you can easily follow it. The first step you need to do is to get your iPhone out of the reboot loop. You can do this with a hard reset to turn the phone off. To get your iPhone in a hard reset your need to press the home button and the upper power button for 10 seconds. The phone will now completely shut off.

After you have done that you need to plug your iPhone into your PC, and then you need to wait till iTunes recognizes the device. When iTunes has connected to your phone you need to click on the menu, and then select the “restore to default settings” directly from your PC. This will erase all your data, but iTunes automatically makes a backup of your iPhone whenever you connect the phone to your pc, so you can easily restore from you last back up.

The restoring process should take some time which depends on the amount of files that were stored on your iPhone. When the phone has completely been restored you can then restore the phone to its last back-up. If your phone was jailbreaked you need to search for the firmware that you want to restore it to and then you need to jailbreak the phone again.

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