Canon Underwater Camera

Canon Underwater Camera

Up until somewhat recently, there was no way for us regular people to get the kind of mind bending and exciting underwater photos that the professionals had access to. The equipment was expensive and somewhat untested, and there were more than enough horror stories to go around making anyone think twice about bringing their very expensive digital camera under water. Even just the tiniest of leaks could ruin a multi-hundred dollar investment, and I don’t know too many people willing to take the risk.

Changing Everything

Canon recognized just how badly people wanted to take pictures underwater, and they threw their entire weight behind the project. The results are nothing but absolutely stunning. Now anyone has access to relatively inexpensive solutions for getting one of the most sought after summer photo perspectives, and people everywhere can begin to experiment with pictures from underwater.

Canon Waterproof Cameras

The new Canon waterproof cameras are an engineering marvel – there’s just no other way of putting it. Now you can feel completely safe and confident taking your beloved piece of high tech under the waves, shooting fish and plant life, those crazy kids, or just having a blast and getting some different shots through a perspective many people will never be able to.

There’s one camera that really separates it’s self, and that’s the Canon Powershot D10 – which isn’t just completely waterproof, but also freeze proof and incredibly shock resistant. Imagine a tank with a 12.1 megapixel camera, and that’s basically what you’ve got your hands on. This camera really lets you nail all of the details that turn good photos into great ones, and has an uncanny ability to still filter in a lot of light under the waves so your pictures come out crisp and clear. I cannot really tell you just how impressed I was with this camera – not only it’s ability as a Canon underwater camera, but as an every day above the water camera as well. Truly remarkable.

Nowadays there are many alternatives like GoPro, too many to list here and one that would certainly fit your budget and goals. These cameras are impressive to hold and take even more impressive pictures to share – it’s no wonder that Canon underwater cameras are popping up all over beaches and bodies of water all over the world. There’s just something incredibly fun and exciting about taking pictures underwater.

GoPro Hero 7

All Canon underwater cameras and Canon waterproof cameras are built from the same kind of photography legacy that Canon has become world renown for – there is no wanting for professional quality build and pictures. These cameras have been built with the utmost care and respect, and are really quite handsome pieces of technology – something that the first few generations of Canon underwater cameras really couldn’t claim. Canon has certainly been pushing the boundaries of just what their Canon underwater cameras can do, and the results are nothing but incredible.

So if you’re looking to make a big splash (sorry, I couldn’t help it) this summer, or are gearing up for a tropical trip this winter, getting your hands on a Canon waterproof camera could make the difference between having a great time and a fantastic time. Check out Amazon for the best deal. Underwater pictures are still a relatively novel approach, and when people see them delivered in the crisp form that Canon underwater cameras deliver, they can’t help but be blown away. Run, don’t walk, to your nearest Canon waterproof camera dealer and unlock some of the real joy of summer. I wish you the best of luck!

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