Buying Guide to the Best MacBook Pro Case

best Macbook pro case

The MacBook Pro is quickly becoming one of the most popular laptops on the marketplace and now with Apple’s latest version with Retina display and touch bar, it has become very important to protect your investments from chips, scratches and damaged caused by a drop. These are very expensive computers, so the majority of consumers are looking for the best MacBook Pro case at the time of purchase so their new investment will be protected from the start. In this buyers guide, we will help you in finding a case that fits your needs and helps you make a great choice.

MacBook Pro Case

Apple’s MacBook line of laptops is the leader in the industry. It used to be a PC dominated market, but Apple’s innovation and domination in other markets such as the tablet and smartphone have also boosted sales of their laptops. The fit, finish, and construction of the MacBook line sets it apart from the competitors, as does the price point. These are definitely not your entry-level laptops, with the prices ranging from $1699 to $2799 for the models with the Retina display. For someone looking for a beginners laptop, there are obviously cheaper options, with some PC laptops starting as low as $400. These have very basic features, although they serve a good use for many consumers. The MacBook Pro line is the choice among serious buyers wanting the best. The MacBook Pro is an investment and needs to be protected with a case.

What to look for

There are two different kinds of cases available for the MacBook Pros depending on what type of protection you are looking for. The first type of protection for your MacBook Pro is in the form of a soft case. These are made out of soft material and include extra padding; it is a very simple concept, you just slide your MacBook Pro in and then place that in your bag. It provides padding and extra protection in the event that you drop your bag. If you placed your laptop in your bag without the soft case it would bounce around and could get scratched up and the computer would begin to show signs of wear. When you spend that much money on a product you want to keep it looking brand new, and a soft case is a very affordable option with prices starting at around $20 for a nice quality neoprene case with a zipper closure system.

macbook pro case

Many consumers feel that the best MacBook Pro case is a clear plastic one that will protect the top and bottom of the laptop from all elements. These cases are fairly simple, they are two pieces that snap onto the computer and stay attached at all times. This is a case that you would leave on the MacBook Pro at all times. These cases are favored for a few different reasons, from functionality to visual. The first benefit of a hard plastic shell case is the fact that the laptop is always protected. Without protection on the bottom, every time you place your laptop on a surface to use it and move it around it is subject to scratching. With the case on the bottom, you can slide it all around without scratching the surface. It also eliminates the need to take in and out of a portable soft shell case, as the plastic covers stay attached at all times. One of the biggest draws to the plastic shell cases is the fact that you can customize the look of your MacBook Pro.

The customization factor is a huge draw, and the cases can be found in about every color imaginable. There are several styles available, from clear to translucent colors, and some with the Apple logo cut out to allow the glowing logo to be displayed through the case. MacBook users can sometimes be a picky bunch, and something as simple as allowing the illuminated Apple logo to shine through and be displayed is a huge selling factor. They are spending thousands of dollars on these machines and want the world to know they are using a MacBook Pro! The majority of MacBook Pro users feel that the best MacBook Pro case offers great protection as well as advanced styling and finish.

Where to buy

So, when it comes time to purchase a new case for your MacBook Pro where should you look? Well, there are two options you have and each has a plus and a minus. The first is to buy one online, and the biggest draw to this is the price. You can find plastic cases as cheap as $5 on eBay and other sites and this is a very attractive price point. The negative is the quality! Many times the product that arrives at your doorstep is not the same that was presented in the description and picture. They are typically poor quality and will break fairly quickly and can sometimes even damage your MacBook Pro due to poor design.

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If you visit the Apple store and look at the cases offered you would notice the price is MUCH higher, but you can physically see the product and inspect the quality prior to purchasing. This allows you to be certain that you get the case that you want rather than taking a gamble and ordering one blindly online. The only drawback to this is the price since the cases in the store can run anywhere from $50 to over $100. What if there was a way to know exactly what you are purchasing and get it for a very low price? Well, there is.

We suggest that you first visit the Apple store and look at all of the available cases and pick out the ones that you like. You will want to write down the manufactures name, the product name, and description, as well as the model number. Now, take this information and go home and located the same cases online. Taking this approach will ensure that you get the best MacBook Pro case available at the best possible price, and you will know exactly what you will be receiving in the mail. This will allow you to protect your MacBook Pro with a great case at a very affordable price.

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