Best Macbook Pro Case

best Macbook pro case

Purchasing an Apple Macbook Pro represents more than just acquiring a computer. In effect, it is an investment. Apple computers are known for their longevity, durability, excellent support, and attention to detail. Because the Macbook Pro exemplifies the pinnacle of usability, performance, and aesthetic perfection amongst laptop / notebook computers, Macbook Pro computers also command a very high resale price relative to their cheaper, plastic PC counterparts. As a result, a purchase of an Apple computer represents an investment in equipment that maintains a high resale or trade in value – just like an automobile. In addition, the purchase of a Macbook Pro is an investment in productivity: it allows you to complete work for home, school, or business in nearly any setting imaginable, without sacrificing battery life, screen size, or performance.

Macbook Pro Case

Protecting your investment in your laptop is essential to the longevity and performance of your Mac. For starters, it’s always advisable to pick up the extra 2 years of Apple Care service that Apple offers with each Mac. The price of the additional two years will generally pay for itself the first time a piece of hardware on your Mac fails, or is worn out. Usually, the cost of repairs in most instances would actually exceed the cost of buying additional Apple Care time – so this is a great investment to make. However, protecting your investment goes far beyond purchasing an extended warranty. You should install software like Predator – which helps you recover your Macbook Pro in the event that it is lost or stolen. And you should invest in proper physical protection for your Macbook Pro, in order to protect it from inevitable bumps and scratches that go hand in hand with portable computing.

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Though not a case in the traditional sense, Macbook Pro owners sometimes choose to protect the attractive anodized aluminum finish of their Apple laptop by affixing what are known as “skins”. Skins are sheets of vinyl, cut to fit your Macbook Pro perfectly. They affix to the surface of the Macbook Pro using the adhesive properties of vinyl. These skins are generally printed with graphic art – everything from patterns to landscapes. A number of skin makers also provide customization options, so that you can create your own design. In addition to providing a bit of extra ‘flair’ to your laptop, skins also provide for the protection of the laptop by protecting the surface of the laptop from scratches that might be incurred during day to day use and transport. Only the very worst of scratches from a sharp edge will cut through the skin. As a result, your laptop remains protected from the small, nearly microscopic scratches that tend to build up on portable items over time. Discerning between a Macbook that has been protected with a skin, versus one that has not, is fairly simple.

However, skins don’t protect your laptop from bumps. This is why you should always consider options that help shield your Apple laptop from damage caused by bumps, scrapes, and other mishaps.


One popular form of Macbook Pro case consists of two polycarbonate plastic shells that unobtrusively latch on to the body of your Macbook Pro. These shell style cases are made of hard polycarbonate plastic, which both shields the surface of the Macbook Pro from scratches and scrapes, and also protects your Macbook Pro from bumps by absorbing some of the kinetic energy from shocks and bumps. These cases come in two pieces: one for the lower case body, and one for the upper case body that surrounds the LCD screen. They are available in a huge variety of colors. Many are somewhat translucent, and add a color highlight to the Macbook Pro they are affixed to. Others are opaque, and provide a sleek look that can even obscure the brand of your laptop to casual viewers. Some are smooth on the outside; some are texturized. The variety is almost overwhelming. These low profile cases add almost no width to the laptop whatsoever. However, they are not particularly effective at cushioning from bumps or falls.

Best Macbook pro case

Of course, the staple case for many Macbook Pro owners would be the standard neoprene case. These cases are simple, but highly effective at protecting a laptop while it is being transported. The interior of these cases is lined with a soft felt or cotton terry-cloth material, providing a soft, cushioned area that keeps your Macbook unscathed. The exterior is made of neoprene – a synthetic rubber often used in wetsuits – that provides extremely effective padding. The neoprene is topped by another layer of soft fabric – usually nylon-based – that gives the case an appealing feel, and prevents the neoprene from making the case seem too “sticky”. These cases are ridiculously effective at preventing laptops from being damaged while transported in a backpack or briefcase, and can effectively protect a Macbook Pro from bumps, jostling, and even short falls (though, we don’t recommend pushing your luck with the latter). The neoprene that lines these cases provides a fair amount of cushioning and shock absorbing power in a relatively small amount of space, which means that sleeve style Macbook Pro cases made with this material are much thinner than traditional laptop sleeve designs that depend upon traditional fabric fillers to create a cushioned liner. Hence, it’s hard to find a backpack, messenger bag, or briefcase that this case won’t fit into.

Finally, another increasingly popular kind of laptop case – especially for students – is a case that’s built right into the bag that you carry your laptop in. Whether a backpack, a messenger bag, or a briefcase, all sorts of bags are now including an in-bag laptop sleeve. These sleeves are sewn into the bag itself, and use a variety of padding methods to create a bag compartment wherein your Macbook Pro can rest quite comfortably, while being protected from drops and bumps. This style of case is popular with students, whom can quickly whip out their Macbook in class without being encumbered by a neoprene case. If you need tips to upgrade the RAM memory of your Apple Macbook, look no further.

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