Best iPhone 11 Pro Cases under $10

The iPhone 11 Pro is Apple’s latest flagship phone. It features an impressive OLED Super Retina XDR display, a triple camera system, and a uniquely colored glass back panel. The phone is by itself the most impressive iPhone that has ever been released. Therefore, it is important to take good care of this costly phone, as repairing a cracked screen can cost you dearly. The best and easiest way to protect your iPhone from scratches and cracked screens is by buying a case.

Buying a case for your iPhone 11 Pro doesn’t have to be expensive. We’ve compiled a list of cheap iPhone 11 Pro cases, that will cost you less than $10. We’ve aimed for a complete collection that varies between transparent silicone cases, and hard/leather cases. This way we ensure everyone can find a cheap case they like.

STOON Transparent Crystal Clear iPhone 11 Pro case

Stoon iPhone 11 Pro case transparent

The STOON Transparent silicone case for the iPhone 11 Pro, is a great option for anyone looking for a case that fits their 11 Pro perfectly, but also shows off some of its unique color schemes. The very popular color called “Midnight Green” (pictured above) that Apple released this year, is the first of its kind. It would be a shame if you couldn’t look at the color anymore by using a different colored case.

The clear transparent silicone case solves this problem, and it’s available from Amazon right here. The case supports wireless charging and has the right cutouts for the volume buttons, triple cameras, and speaker grill. The case gives you a firm grip on the phone, which prevents it from slipping out of your hands.


Mkeke transparent Hardcase for iPhone 11 Pro

This case looks a bit like the one we’ve showed you above, but its very different. Where the STOON case was made from a shock-absorbing silicone, the Mkeke case is made from a hard plastic material. While also absorbing shocks from dropping your phone, it has a higher chance of getting scratches or tears on the case itself.

We preferred the silicone case over this one, but for the price, we couldn’t pass up on including it in this list. You can get it right here on Amazon.


Aowin Liquid Silicone Midnight Green case

liquid siliconeThe Aowin silicone case features Apple’s newest “Midnight Green” color, and gives the iPhone 11 Pro a unique matte look. All the while it is protected from scratches, broken screens and slipping out of your hands. The liquid silicone provides a firm grip on the phone, that really compares to a piece of sturdy rubber.

Because of this case, it is very hard to let the phone slip out of your hands, even when they are greasy or oily. Recommended for people who have trouble holding their iPhone during their everyday life. Available from Amazon on this page.


Humixx Shockproof Clear iPhone 11 Pro case

shockproof clear iPhone 11 pro caseThe Humixx shockproof case is a military-grade drop-tested case that protects the 11 Pro from even the roughest of falls and drops. It has a special shock-absorbing bumper around the case, that features a reinforced TPU frame that can absorb over 95% of the drop impact. This heavily reduces the chance of a cracked screen, or shattered back panel. The clear case is protected with a layer of anti-yellowing and allows you to fully display the beauty of the iPhone.

The case also comes with independent buttons that allow for minimum effort button pressing, like adjusting the volume. Furthermore, it features a 180 days replacement guarantee. The case is available on Amazon via this link.

Protecting your iPhone

We hope that this list has aided you in finding the best case for the iPhone 11 pro, while also keeping things cheap and within your budget. Are you looking for more cases? Keep an eye out on our website, to find out more cases from other price categories. Additionally, you can check us out on Twitter, to find out when we’ve released our next list.

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