Apple AirPods 3 Review

Just when you thought that Apple couldn’t improve upon the excellent AirPods, they drop another bomb on the market. With the AirPods 3, Apple has finally perfected the concept of a true wireless earbud. Gone are the days of having to choose between wireless and wired earbuds, as everything about the AirPods 3 is designed to be wireless.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of earbuds, consider the Apple AirPods 3. Not only will you get great sound quality, but you’ll also be able to take them with you anywhere without having to worry about connectivity.

What Is The Difference Between The AirPods 2 And 3?

Apart from the obvious improvements made to the AirPods 3 over the AirPods 2, the biggest difference between the two is in the look. The AirPods 2 were designed with a classic look with a brushed metal finish, and they featured a simple button design that made them look like a faithful cousin to the iPhone 7 and its beloved Home button. However, the AirPods 3 take inspiration from the best smartphones today, with a stainless steel body and a more elegant finish that makes them look like a refined gentleman’s accessory.

On the flip side, the AirPods 2 were made of plastic, which Apple says was the most efficient and cost-effective choice at the time they were made. However, now that we live in a world where durable and waterproof electronics are commonplace, the choice of plastic made sense, as it was the only option available. And with that comes the ability to shower with them and have them survive intact. So if you plan on exercising or doing any rigorous activities outside, the AirPods 2 might not be the best choice for you.

How do The AirPods 3 Compare To The AirPods 2?

Apart from the improved looks, the biggest difference between the two is how they sound. Whereas the AirPods 2 were only capable of producing crisp highs with a muddy soundstage, the AirPods 3 are able to bring the high notes to the forefront with greater ease. This is largely thanks to the use of the Beyerdynamic Tensor diaphragm in the earphones, which allows for greater bass delivery and a more satisfying experience.

The other big difference between the two is the added touch of a magnetic field, which allows the AirPods 3 to connect to any metal surface through the use of a hidden metal coil inside the earpieces. This adds an extra layer of security to your music collection, as it’s easier for others to steal music than it is to steal an iPhone. Finally, the AirPods 3 feature AAC support and come with a built-in microphone that makes them easier to use for calls than the AirPods 2. With all these improvements and a lower price point — not to mention that they finally decided to include a cable to connect them to your phone — the AirPods 3 are nothing short of breathtaking.

What Features Do The AirPods 3 Bring To The Table?

Apart from the obvious improvements over the AirPods 2 that we’ve discussed so far, the AirPods 3 feature a faster CPU, more memory, and a better battery life. So not only do they sound better, but they also last longer while doing it. At this point, it’s pretty clear that Apple optimized this product line for the best possible sound and connectivity, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. When used with Apple products, such as the iPhone and the Apple Watch, the AirPods 3 are a perfect match, as everything about these devices is designed to provide the best possible sound and user experience.

One of the biggest problems with previous versions of the AirPods was their lack of support for NFC payments through the use of a special case or wallet. With the AirPods 3, Apple have finally updated their earbud line to make payments as easy as possible, and with the special cases now being available for pre-order, it’s never been a better time to be a cryptocurrency user.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of earbuds, the Apple AirPods 3 are certainly worth your time and attention. Not only do they bring all the advantages of a completely wireless setup, but the stainless steel body and elegant design make them look like a luxurious accessory for your iPhone or Apple Watch. And with their ability to connect to any metal surface and support NFC payments, you can be sure that whatever device they’re connected to is going to work hard for the entertainment of its user.

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