The Stone Island Shadow Project

When you look out over the current casual and urban menswear lines of clothing, you most often find the same 5 or 6 top brands all pumping out about the same look at the same time. there’s little variation in the lines pushed out by the big dogs of the industry. This leaves the modern man that is concerned about his style and the performance of his clothing to have to compromise with something that is less than ideal, a situation that no one looks forward to.

Unless of course, you choose to select your new clothing from the Stone Island Shadow Project.

Shadow Project

The ultimate blend of rugged masculinity and high style all wrapped up in ultra-performance fabrics and materials, the Stone Island Shadow Project is the perfect blend of where menswear is headed in the future. What started off as a bit of a lark between two different companies has become the leader of a brand new push in the direction of men’s fashion, offering the kind of simple looks that is multipurpose and very modern man-friendly.

Black Patch Stone Island shadow

Built on the back of a more toned down pallet, it can be almost too easy to miss the simple and subtle different looks and lines that the Stone Island Shadow Project brings to the table unless of course, you take a look at a man wearing them. All of the clothing has just the right cut and semi-tailored fit that today’s man is looking for without compromising their ability to move and interact, something that the urban man needs on a day to day basis. This is not the kind of fashion line that is only comfortable on the runway or in front of a camera (though the Stone Island Shadow Project wouldn’t be terribly out of place there either), but in real life applications. This is the kind of clothing line that belongs not in a closet somewhere to be broken out on a special occasion, but instead on the backs and shoulders of men in cities all over the world.

Where to buy

Buying the Stone Island Shadow Project collection is sometimes hard, because not all stores carry this more exclusive collection. Luckily, you can shop the collection at Farfetch, an online store that carries all kinds of luxury brands. If you don’t want to shop online, you can try your luck in one of the bigger Stone Island flagship stores in Milano, Paris, London, Roma, and much more locations.

You can find all flagship store locations on the official Stone Island website.

Stone Island Shadow Project

The real push though was to create a line of clothing that is not only attractive and good looking but also very rugged, durable, and performance-based. This has meant working with materials like fine wools and cashmere, Gore-Tex, rubbers, and plastics of all different kinds, and a million and one other materials more often seen in the sporting world rather than the runway to create the kind of ultimate hybrid. Every single Stone Island Shadow Project item is designed to be functional first and foremost without ignoring the high fashion statement that it makes as well.

If you are sick and tired of the way simple, boring, underperforming options out there in the menswear world, then you need to seriously look into what the Stone Island Shadow Project brings to the table. For the right kind of man the urban, hip, social, on the move and ambitious soul, these clothes are the embodiment of what you’re all about.

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