Stone Island

Stone Island is an Italian Designer brand experimenting with different materials for their garments. The brand is worn mostly by football casuals, who have learned to appreciate the brand. The Brand was created in 1982 by Massimo Osti, and till today the brand is known for its durability and quality of the clothing. The Brand is Recognizable by the typical Stone Island compass “Patch” that is present on the left arm sleeve of the clothing. In the beginning, the patches had green borders, but since 2000 the borders are black as shown in the picture.

Stone Island Patch

Stone Island was first worn by casuals when they started to rob designer clothing out of stores. Because of the SI patch the hooligans were able to spot each other from a big distance, and they were also unable to be recognized by the Police. Then other football casuals from other firms also started to wear Stone Island, and then it became globally known to the world as a hooligan brand.

The brand’s garments are from a very high quality, and a jumper or sweater from SI can last you for 10 years. You can wash them as many times as you want, their coloring will stay the same due to the high-quality dye. You should not try to wash the Stone Island patches as they will become too soft. You can shop for Stone Island clothing on this website. We also have an article that shows you where to get Stone Island on Sale.

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