Louis Vuitton releases own Airpods

Louis Vuitton black monogram airpods

Since Apple launched the original Airpods, the wireless earphone craze has jumped through the roof. Now, luxury brand Louis Vuitton is entering the market and is releasing the hottest Airpods of the year. After their custom LV Apple watch bands a few years ago, they are now entering the headphone market. Available in multiple colors (red, white, and black so far), and designed with the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram print and the famous LV logo, you can now listen to music in a fashionable way.

It is clear that with the release of the Horizon Earphones, as they’re officially called, Louis Vuitton is entering the battle with Apple and Bose for the wireless earphone market. It’s very interesting that a major fashion brand decides to enter this space, instead of sticking to clothing and jewelry as they’ve done for decades and what made that brand so popular in the first place. Nevertheless, we encourage this bold move wholeheartedly as the competition only serves the consumer and creates a better product for all of us. Multiple celebrities like Drake and Gigi Hadid have already been spotted with these LV airpods.

Now, you might wonder: what the hell does Louis Vuitton know about audio, and especially earphones? Where the compartments and intrinsic parts are so small that you need years of experience and development in audio engineering to make it sound remotely good? Well, they’ve also thought about that and decided to partner up with headphone brand Master & Dynamic, to make use of their years of experience in the audio and headphone field to develop this product.

Where to buy the Louis Vuitton Airpods

Buying the Louis Vuitton Airpods can be a problem for a lot of people. They are sold in the bigger Louis Vuitton stores worldwide that you can find in big cities like London, Madrid, Paris, Milano, and hundreds of other cities. If you don’t live near an LV store, you might be interested in buying the Airpods on the official website online, where they retail for $995. The only caveat is, you can’t hear the sound quality when you shop online.


The earphones not only have a sleek design but also feature some crazy specs. You can listen to these earphones wirelessly up to 20 meters through a Bluetooth 4.2 connection with NFMI technology that allows for seamless switching between devices. It also has a microphone that allows you to make calls and activate Google Assistant or Apple Siri. They weigh 9 gram’s each and are splashproof which means walking in the rain while listening to music is not a problem.


LV airpods charging case

The earphones have a battery life of continuous music play of 3.5 hours. After that, you can charge the Airpods through its charging/storage case which has a special power charge function. In 40 minutes of charging, the Horizon earphones will have 50% battery capacity. This becomes 100% after 90 minutes. The case contains roughly 2 full charges which means you can have 10.5 hours of battery life on a single case-charge. The case itself is fully charged in 40 minutes. Apart from charging, the case can of course also be used to store the earphones and protect them from scratches and dirt when you are not listening to music

Want to see them in action? You can watch the official trailer for the Horizon Earphones below.

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