Gucci Ace Sneakers are Becoming Classics

The Luxury designer brand Gucci’s Ace Sneaker is becoming a cult classic in its own right. After having invented the shoe, the brand started to experiment with different colors and prints on the shoe, while still also creating the classic white Ace sneaker with the Striped Gucci logo. Another factor that makes this sneaker a true classic in the sneaker culture is the fact that they are designed for both men and women.

Ace Sneakers

Designed and invented by the House of Gucci, an Italian fashion house, the shoe directly attracted the attention of sneakerheads all across the globe. Distinguishable by its high-quality white leather and green with red Gucci stripes on the side of the sneaker, the fashion house created a new signature sneaker look that made them stand out from all other designer brands. From a big distance, you can spot the sneakers and you’ll instantly recognize them as Gucci Ace sneakers. Which, is exactly what the brand was aiming for.

Ace sneakers

Exclusivity Appeal

One of the many factors that make this sneaker a much sought after shoe, is the exclusivity factor. The whole sneaker resale market is based on Exclusive sneakers that can’t be bought at your local Footlocker or Sneaker store. The same goes for the Ace sneaker, which is highly exclusive and can only be bought at Gucci stores in big cities. This appeal comes from the fact that sneakerheads kick on having sneakers that nobody has access to, which in certain effect is the case here.

This strategy isn’t a coincidence, as designers like Gucci and Louis Vuitton have been using it for years to boost the mystique of their brand. Placing stores at strategic locations all over the world in big cities like New York and exotic locations like St. Tropez has been done since the 1970s.


For a while now Gucci has been experimenting with making slight variations of the same shoe. They do this by adding small details like a bee or a snake on the logo or side panel, which makes it stand out more. See the following photo below for an example.

Ace bee logo

As you can see, they cleverly added a bee on the green and red striped logo of the shoe, which makes it just a bit different. There are hundreds of variations of this trainer, which means there’s one that everyone likes no matter who you are.

Where to buy

Buying the Ace sneaker can be done at any Gucci store, but we recommend Farfetch as it has the biggest assortment in variations and offers excellent customer service. Be sure to let us know which one is your favorite and which one you went with!

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