C.P. Company

Chester Perry Company, or in short C.P. Company is an Italian designer brand who create mostly men’s designer clothing. They use high-end fabrics to create their garments, and they also combine practicality with elegance and fashion. In 1988 they designed the famous goggle jacket, originally for participants of a classic car race. These jackets became very popular by football hooligans, or better called “Casuals”, who wanted to stay anonymous when rioting on match days.

C.P. Company is created by the same man who also created Stone Island, Massimo Osti. The brand was established in 1975, and they soon became a standard in the casual lifestyle. A lot of casuals started wearing C.P. Company, because of the great material quality of their jackets. C.P. Company was also the first to release jackets with eye protectors on them, which came in really handy for the hooligans. Apart from the goggle jackets C.P. Company has also created knitwear, polo’s, trousers, goggle hats and other garments. They also have a junior collection, which is called the “undersixteen” collection. This collection is for, as the name suggests, children under the age of sixteen years.

C.P. Company jacket

as you can see, most of the C.P. Company jackets have a label around the collar. This label can be put inside, but you can also wear it so it is visible, like on the photo. You can also attach this label to a button on the collar so that the brand name “C.P. Company” is clearly visible. Because the garments of C.P. Company are timeless, a typical jacket will last more than 10 years. This is due to the top quality materials that this designer clothing is made from. This is also one of the reason that it is so loved by the Casual subculture, as it is a nice and timeless addition to their casual clothing collection. You can shop for C.P. Company Clothing here.

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