Anti Social Social Club SS17 Sold Out in Minutes

The highly anticipated launch of the Anti Social Social Club Spring/Summer 2017 collection was a big success for the brand, as the collection was completely sold out in a matter of minutes after it launched. Thousands of hungry fans were fanatically refreshing the online store before they opened their virtual doors to the public, and once they did they bought the clothing en masse.

The whole ordeal doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Anti Social┬áSocial Club is currently the most hyped up streetwear brand out there, competing with giants like Supreme and Yeezy. Owner of the fashion brand had been teasing the fans the whole week before the collection dropped, through various Instagram posts.

We’re very interested to see whats next for this brand, and what kind of new designs they will come up with next. When they do, you can be sure that you’ll hear about it on Big Brand Boys, so keep checking us out!

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