How to pick the perfect underwater camera

nikon underwater camera

In the old days, underwater cameras were big and bulky, and often, not so “waterproof.” By contrast, modern underwater digital cameras are lightweight, powerful, and fully submersible. They are also very durable, often featuring rubber armor and solid construction. Plus, underwater digital cameras have all the features you would expect of a modern point and shoot. Digital submersible cameras have optical zoom, high-megapixel resolution, clear LCD displays, and anti-shock technology. Video and audio recording, onboard image editing, and more are all found in underwater cameras, just like traditional models. The best part is that there are consumer models from all the top brands: FujiFilm, Sony, Canon, and Kodak, to name a few.

Choose the best underwater camera

There are a couple of things to keep in mind. There are some key distinctions that you’ll want to acknowledge when referring to underwater cameras. You have some blurred terms to think about: splash proof, waterproof, and underwater. As the names indicate, these cameras all have different available levels of “submergibility” employed in different designs. For most intents and purposes, any camera labeled splash proof can withstand a little humidity in its housing.  Any called “waterproof” can take a trip into the pool or under some rain. A true “underwater” camera will be on the higher-end of consumer cost, and will typically have a depth rating to let you know just how deep in the water it can go. You can typically compare this number to that of “dive watches.”


For feasible underwater use, you might find a 12-megapixel at a waterproof rating of up to 40 ft. with 4x Optical Zoom for around $400, of course, deals are out there. Splash-proof and waterproof models will start in the $100 range and go up from there.

Some of your high-end underwater digital cameras even have GPS technology, such as the Nikon Coolpix AW100 which is a rugged unit water-proof rated for up depths of up to 33 feet. You can even use the GPS system in cameras such as the Nikon to drop markers, search local attractions, as well as find your way.

So you may be wondering, why an underwater digital camera? Well, the answer is why not? Think of all that you have missed with diving excursions, outdoor hikes through wet environments and torrential down pours over the years. Think of all the poolside photos you’ve to take from afar, then imagine how many more memories you might have captured by being able to take the camera into the water, where the action is.

Use case

Underwater digital cameras are really a must if you are interested in any type of diving. Imagine, getting that perfect shot of a stingray, shark, or jellyfish with the sunlight peering through its translucent flesh. Imagine being able to do this with a camera light enough and feature-full enough to be able to take on land, as easily as you would in the water, and vice versa.

You don’t want to let any moments on earth slip away by not having a suitable camera. You’ll want to check and double check the features of your underwater digital camera again and again before locking in your purchase. There are so many features to consider.

You’ve got to look at the optical zoom – which is more valuable than the digital zoom, though the optical feature will add to the price of the camera for sure.  You’ll also want to check storage capacity built into the camera and be sure that any removable media is totally waterproofed as well when it is inserted into the camera. Useful features also include HD video camera technology, and the ability to upload photos and video to the internet at the push of a button.

Look around, there are many affordable underwater digital cameras hitting the market every day. Whether you need something that can survive a coffee spill or to take with you on your next cave diving experience, there is a water-resistant camera just for you.  Choose wisely, and remember to compare features. Depth of water resistance, optical zoom, and storage specs should all feature prominently in your mind while you’re looking at a digital camera to call your own.

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