Best Digital Underwater Camera

Canon Underwater Camera

There are fewer things as incredible as the world’s oceans and bodies of water. The Earth is mostly covered in water, and yet we know so little about it. With modern camera technology, we’re able to go under the waves and capture images that people before us never had the chance to see – and we’re a better planet for it.

When selecting the best digital underwater camera, there are several criteria that you should keep in mind. This is a major investment, and when you buy the wrong equipment you’re not only putting your money at risk, but you could also become so jaded that you give up underwater photography all together! Don’t let something like that happen, make sure you follow this quick and easy guide to buying the best digital underwater camera and you’ll be all set!

Look for the highest quality build – not just the big name

When it comes to cameras, a couple of the bigger names dominate the field – Leica, Nikon, Canon, Sony. These are most often also the most expensive models, but you may be able to sneak in a couple of deals and grab a just as good (if not better) quality camera for far less. What you’re looking for is the perfect blend of quality and price. Most underwater cameras today go through the same kind of waterproofing treatments, so you’ll want to make sure that they are up to par with industry standards. You’ll also want to check and make sure that your camera is rated for the depths you’ll be shooting at – the deeper the depth, the more expensive the camera.

Read all of the reviews

To ensure that you’re buying the best digital underwater camera that you can, one of the best resources for research is to read all of the reviews you can find. While the producer of the camera will no doubt have their own revises on their website, you should be a bit weary. After all, they’re trying to sell you their items – of course, they’re going to paint a rosy picture. Make sure you get as many independent reviews as possible. A great source is Amazon, and also you could do some research for underwater photographers and see what kind of equipment they use.

Buy insurance

When you buy the best digital underwater camera, you’re going to want to make sure that you buy insurance for your investment. For some strange reason expensive electronics and water often don’t mix as well as we think, and no matter how waterproof your camera is designed to be it will eventually need maintenance and repair – just like everything else mechanical. Buying insurance gives you the peace of mind you need when making a big investment like this and bringing it under the surface of the water, where anything that can happen usually will. Insurance is offered through almost all of the most reputable dealers of the best digital underwater cameras, and there are also several third-party services that you can trust to protect your new underwater camera.

When it comes to buying something as expensive as the best digital underwater cameras, you’re going to want to make sure that you absolutely nail your purchase. Most of the top of the line underwater cameras are shockingly similar in build, quality, waterproofing, and price – it may all come down to the options and set ups that you like the best. Hopefully, this little primer has given you all the assistance you need, and you’ll have you hands on the best digital underwater camera money can buy!

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