Wiz Khalifa – Bake Sale Ft. Travis Scott (Original Version)

Wiz Khalifa Travis Scott Bake Sale

It has been a few months since Wiz and Travis hit the studio. Shortly after they went in the booth together several snippets of their new song “Bake Sale” circulated around the internet. The song sounded promising and there was a very big hype for the song. Unfortunately, before Wiz and Travis could release the song, G-Eazy came along and bought the beat to the song and used it for his “Order More” song. Fans were dissapointed that they would never hear “Bake Sale” because of this. Luckily, Juicy J came along and remade the beat so it could still be released. The song dropped a few days ago with the new beat and fans love it.

However, the original song with the original beat just sounds way better. Members of the online forum KanyeToThe have added the vocals of the bake sale song, and sampled them with the original beat. This re-creates the original “Bake Sale” song as we know it!

You can download and listen to Wiz Khalifa – Bake Sale Ft. Travis Scott (Original Version) below.

Click here to download & listen to the song

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