Top 10 Richest Instagram Kids

Richest kids of Instagram

Instagram is an smartphone application where you can post photo’s, add an effect and share them with all your friends. A lot of people use it, and so do the richest kids aswel. Brace yourself for an article full of luxury bought by daddy’s money. We present you the top 10 richest kids on Instagram. All the usernames are from their Instagram Profiles.

1. @ItsLavishBitch

The mother of this guy is the CEO of one of the biggest banks in India. The guy spends money like its nothing, buys a Rolls Royce with a Gold grill, Lots of Louis Vuitton, Hermes and he even does a $20.000 giveaway now and then. Shame that he acts like he earned all this money himself. Check out some of his pics


As you can see in the picture, a Rolls Royce Phantom with a Gold grill, The keys to his Rolls and Lambo, and an American Express Black Card. The Black card is an invitation only card which lets you spend an unlimited amount of money.

Louis Vuitton Hermes

As you can see on this picture, Everything Louis Vuitton, and a Hermes belt as well.

2. @markchapparone

His family owns an Car painting company, and he has a couple of cars himself that aren’t too shabby. Checkout his Lamborghini Gallardo below!

Lamborghini Gallardo Instagram rich kid

3. @javiersidhu

Another wealthy rich kid. Likes to travel a lot to exotic places like St. Tropez and Monaco. Is a fan of expensive sports cars, and as you can tell by his pictures he really really likes Louis Vuitton.


Louis Vuitton Christmas

4. @mahdiar_ahmadi

Another kid who got rich because of their parents money. He recently got a Lamborghini Aventador for his birthdayLamborghini Aventador

5. @mahmoodansari

This is the first kid that actually works for his own money, although with help of sponsors. He has his own car magazine, which nets him quite a lot of cash, and a lot of nice supercars. He constantly gets pulled over because he is young and driving the most expensive cars in the kid pulled over

6. @alib32

A self proclaimed blogger, Stylist and Events manager. Constantly going to party’s and drinking his favorite champagne: Ace of SpadesAce of Spades

7. @michaeldavidrosenberg

This guy has his own holdings group called The Rosenberg Holdings Group llc. Went to Stanford university, and currently living an amazing life, picture speaks for itself.Patek Philippe Watch

8. @marcusbofficial

Calls himself the fresh prince of Instagram, and he is indeed living and partying like a Prince. Takes lots of trips and he is also working out regularly.champage party

9. @prokofievkirill

Young guy but living large already. Recently spent $36.000 in a club by buying 101 Moet & Chandon Rose bottles.

36k bill club

10. @morganoconnor35

Fortunate kid who lives the rockstar lifestyle, check him out with his grey Lamborghini

Grey Lambo

So there you have a top 10 of the richest Instagram kids. You can easily view their full profiles by searching for their username, which is bolded on every photo.

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