How Conor McGregor uses the Law of Attraction

Conor McGregor Law of Attraction

Conor McGregor has become famous because he predicts what he will do to his opponents and then does it. He claims the biggest factor that has helped him in his career besides hard work is visualization and creating the law of attraction. Years ago before he ever entered the UFC he visualized himself with the UFC championship belt, selling out stadiums, and making millions in the process. In fact, he even claimed that he has visualized his whole career to this point. There’s a famous video of McGregor in 2008 when he was just starting as a professional where he says: “My name is Conor McGregor and I’m a professional MMA fighter and you will see me in the UFC in the near future.” And surely, 5 years later in 2013, he made his UFC debut in Sweden against Marcus Brimage.

“All that matters is how you see yourself. You want nothing, you have everything. If you visualize yourself having that new Rolls-Royce or that championship belt, it will become reality. You simply force the universe to make it reality.” To see how McGregor uses the Law of Attraction to his benefit, and how you can use it too, watch this video below.

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