Donald Trump Grants Mexican Immigrant $100,000 Scholarship

Donald Trump Scholarship

Donald Trump has granted 20-year-old Juan Carlos Velasquez a $100,000 scholarship after he wrote Trump last month about his personal situation and dreams to become an economics major.

Velasquez, a 20-year-old immigrant from Mexico, says that he wrote Trump because he believes the Republican presidential candidate is not the person people think he is. He said: “I wrote Trump my story and told him that I don’t believe the things he has said about Mexicans and immigrants.” He also said he wrote “growing up poor in America has robbed me of a chance to fulfill my dream to pursue a degree in economics.” And that he “knows he can make a meaningful contribution to this world if he’d get a chance to pursue his degree.”

economics major

After a few weeks, he got a reply back from the Trump administration that told him he would receive a $100,000 scholarship from the Trump foundation, which was incorporated by Trump in 1987. The message also said that Trump was touched by his story and that he himself is an economics major which was one of the reasons he decided to grant Velasquez the scholarship. Upon receiving the message, Velasquez told us it was “the proudest moment of my life.”

“I’m so grateful to Donald Trump and what he has done for me. I’m finally able to realize my dreams and only because a guy who is hated by Mexicans. It’s kind of crazy to say but I don’t believe he is as bad as some people think. Unfortunately, even in my own family, openly supporting Trump is a sin.” This is also the reason why Velasquez did not want to be photographed for this article, and why we had to use a false name.

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