Amazon Starts Offering Car Advice with Amazon Vehicles

Amazon Vehicles

Online retailer Amazon seems to have indulged itself in another product segment, and this time, it’s the vehicle industry. Although you can not actually buy vehicles directly from Amazon, you can instead view thousands of cars with specifications and price suggestions over at the newly launched Amazon Vehicles site that helps customers research new and classic cars.

Amazon’s primary motivation is to be your primary stop for researching any product you could buy for your car. The first thing you do on Amazon vehicles is adding cars to your own garage. We checked it out and quickly found out that you can add any car you want, and we decided to go with a 2015 LaFerrari.

Amazon vehicles garage

Now this is the cool part: after you’ve added your car to your garage, you can instantly see all Parts & Accessories that fit your vehicle. Everything is split up in categories and can easily be checked out. For example, if you need a new lighting bulb for your headlamp you simply click on “bulbs”, and you get a selection of bulbs that fit on your vehicle. This is a massive time saver and is a game changer for non-car-savvy people who don’t have the slightest clue how lightning bulbs differ from each other. They can now buy the right accessory or part with one mouse click and off they go.

parts accessories

The site also includes detailed pages for thousands of cars and trucks, with specs, pictures and videos. While these pages don’t provide a direct way for you to buy a vehicle, they do include general pricing information, like the manufacturer’s suggested price.

Amazon is trying to build up a community of car enthusiasts on Amazon Vehicles by allowing people to submit reviews and photos, as well as ask questions, much like it already allows on its other product pages for the likes of electronics and diapers.

As of now, Amazon Vehicles is a great comparison tool for research purposes. We think every car enthusiast should play around with it for a little while to check what it has to offer. You can start to explore the site directly by adding your own vehicle to your Garage by following this link. It’s actually very easy to use and we were surprised at how good it works. We certainly can’t wait to see what other things Amazon Vehicles brings us in the future.

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