Our Favorite No Man’s Sky Sightings

no man's sky

The world of the game No Man’s Sky is a beautiful one. With the game being released 2 weeks ago, we thought it was a great time to put up a collection of our favorite No Man’s Sky sightings. The huge world in this game is so diverse and big, that there’s a great chance you haven’t even seen half of what it has to offer.

Sit back and relax for our list of our favorite No Man’s Sky sightings. Click on the images to get them in full format in case you want to use any of them as a wallpaper or background.

1. Beautiful landscape

No man's sky landscape

2. Love the planet in the background

planet no man's sky

3. Arrival of spaceship


4. Happy world

happy world

5. Panorama


6. Neighbours


7. Let’s explore

lets explore

8. Bob Ross painting-esque


9. Aqua vibes

aqua milky way

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