Polo Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Logo horse

Polo Ralph Lauren is an American designer brand created by Ralph Lifshitz, who became later known as Ralph Lauren. The company is owned by the Ralph Lauren Corporation, who produce clothing, accessories, footwear, fragrances, and furniture. In 1967 he was the first one to create a Polo, to make himself more comfortable at his tennis match. Before he invented the Polo, sportsmen needed to wear all kinds of heavy clothes, but the Polo changed it all. Other sports like Hockey and Golf also started using to wear the Polo, because of its comfort and elegant design. All of the Ralph Lauren Polo’s have a “Pony” emblem on the upper left breast. This logo comes in various colors and sizes.

A few years later, Polo Ralph Lauren introduced their men’s designer clothing line to the world. This was also the time that it came in touch with the casual subculture. The Casuals quickly learned to love this fashion garment, and it became the standard top-wear for most of the people who wear casual clothing. After the success of this Polo, Stone Island, C.P. Company, Fred Perry, Lacoste, and a whole lot of other designer clothing brands also started to sell Polo’s, each with their own different twist. The traditional Polo has a bordered collar, with 2 buttons on it to open the collar, and short sleeve’s. These elements are included in almost any garment created by Polo Ralph Lauren. They sometimes also add a Big pony logo, or a stripe over the full body, to create a better design. The “Big Pony” collection by Ralph Lauren also has a lot of other garments like Jackets, Knitwear, Bodywarmers and a lot more.

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue

Not long after Ralph Lauren invented the short sleeve polo, he also created the Long sleeve version. This made sure that you could also wear a Polo, even if the weather was a bit colder. Till today Polo Ralph Lauren is the biggest creator of Polo’s, and other designer clothing in the United States, with a yearly profit of 190 Million Dollars. Ralph Lifshitz still owns the company till date, and he has about 90% of the shares.

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